We’re a small group from Helsinki, Finland that’s dedicated to create eco-economical solutions. We do everything on a shoestring budget, which is both good and bad. We can’t do all the amazing stuff that we’d like to show you (yet) but this also means that anything we come up with can be reproduced simply and cost effectively.

We are currently looking for investors, partners and customers so feel free to contact us. We are based in Finland.

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Also check out Looploop and support our R&D; effort to make Showerloop ready for refugee camps and emergency scenarios

Jason Selvarajan

// Manager, R&D;
Helsinki, Finland
+358 40 2163939

Eduard Kobak

// IT, Embedded systems
Helsinki, Finland

Patrizia Baffioni

// Advisor
Paris, France

Anup Mishra

// Chemical filtration R&D;
Helsinki, Finland anup_mishra@outlook.com