A microscopic view of the fabric filter with pore sizes ranging between 100-500 microns

Showerloop is like a mini water treatment plant that has been optimised for shower conditions. We use gravity and micro filtration to clear up the big stuff like rubble and hair and to protect the pump. Then sand and activated carbon filters remove even smaller particles like skin cells, suspended solids, grease and clear the water of chemicals, colour and smell. To purify the water we use ultraviolet radiation to disable bacteria that may have escaped through the filters from being able to reproduce. The water quality is actually cleaner than tap water removing chlorine and even fluoride. Running the filter uses around 2% of the energy compared to a normal shower but in return it reduces energy consumption by 70% or more.

Water filtration in the lab

The water quality of filtered water has been tested to meet EPA and EU drinking water guidelines. Read more about it here